Amanda (dementedscreams) wrote,

almost "there"

I never thought that I would be typing on the same journal websitethis loong. I like that it is my little secret. I started writing on here when everyone used dial up internet. AOL days! Now I am laying in bed typig with a wireless keyboard onto my touch screen mini coputer. Wierd. I wonder when we will have cars that drive themselves. I drive so much. My internship is in Farmington and then school is in Bloomington. Good thing the school decided to not make us come as much. Thursdays were being to be waaay too much. I would wake up in the morning, get myself ready, get aiden ready, drive hime to latch key, drive to farmington, drive back to get aiden and drop him off at my moms house, then drive to class in Bloomingotn and then drive back to get aiden and then finally home.

Only three more months left of school and I will be a Master of Social Work. The cirlce of life is very interesting. I like being an adult. I like that I have "made something of myself". I am proud of who I have become. I have had enough life experience that I can be calm in the liklihood that even if things are really shitty now, they can always get better and have everytime so far. It's hard to get others to see that. I don't think that you can get people to realize that. I think you just have to be their support while they find their own way.

I am loving the profession that I have chosen. I love helping my kids. I love helping my teachers. I have been doing one student's hair. I have done it twice now. She is a young black girl, her mother is white and does not know how to (or care to) do her hair. I have always been curious and fasinated with aftrican american hair so I jumped at the chance to help her. I put twists in her hair today. She is supposed to sleep on them tonight and then we are going to take them out in the morning. I hope that they turn out good. I have never done them before. I hope that she thinks to take her silk cap off before she comes to school.

btw. kyle is no more. that didn't take long,, thank goodness!
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