Amanda (dementedscreams) wrote,

Life sucks ass right now.

Aiden has gotten in trouble, three times now for cursing at school.

Jesse continues to slack on his parental responsibilities and make things more complicated for me than they already are.

I have no motivation to do school work and I got a D on my last paper.

Mike won't return my calls and hasn't given me the money he said he would to help me out with the bills he left me with.

I can't afford the place I'm staying and I need to move with in two months. I have not money for first months rent or a down payment.

Fuck this shit!

Subject: Life is beautiful

My boy is getting big and loves me everyday. I get hugs and kisses all the time.

Jesse has been hanging out with me a few times and still pays child supports and takes Aiden at least twice a month.

My relationship with Mike ended before marriage or a kid. I have a fresh start and am one less guy away from finding my husband.

I have family and friends that will be sure to help Aiden and I out in any way they can.

There are apartments right next to his school that are less than what I'm paying currently.

Life is good.
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