Amanda (dementedscreams) wrote,


I have been living with Mike for about four or five months now. I love the place that we are renting. It's spacious and makes me feel like I have really made something of myself. Part of that is the way Mike makes me feel as well. He is so damn sweet to me, it's ridiculous. I never thought that I would have something like this. I'm sure things will change a bit and we will have our challenges, but I had a warped view of how a relationship was supposed to work and I am pleasantly surprised to be wrong.
Aiden is in kindergarten now and he is not doing so well. He is behind and I am finding it hard to work with him at home when I have been working all week. I worry that is not going to be up to par but then I feel like he is having too much pressure put on him and he will learn and grow at his own pace. However, there has been consistent concerns about his muscle development and it is quite apparent that he lacks the tone he should have acquired at this age. I don't know. I really don't know what to do.
I have enrolled him in karate and he really has enjoyed it so far. He gets better every time he goes.
I will be starting school in less than a month. I just typed that and it made my stomach go all woosy. I'm glad that I will finally be starting my master's program, I will be happier when it is all done :)
Okay that is my update. Tada! Bye.
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