Amanda (dementedscreams) wrote,

New tattoo

I just got a new tattoo. A friend paid for it, for my birthday present. I had a hard time thinking about what I wanted to get. I know the things I need finished on my back, however, that would be above the price limit. So I had to think of something else, something smaller, but yet still something meaningful. I was telling my mom that I was going to get another tattoo. She immediately became irritating saying, "where are you going to put it!". I began to joke with her, telling her that I was going to get a sailor tattoo, the mom one. Her stance and attitude immediately changed, as she stated, "well that would be okay." I knew then, that is what I would be getting. She was actually very flattered that I got a tattoo for her. I am glad that I got something meaningful to me and someone else.
However, during the process of decided what I was going to get, and still now, as I look at this new fresh permanent ink, I feel I am over the tattooing process. I don't know if I am for sure. My thoughts are that it is just my earthly body and will be left behind, so I should do whatever the hell I want to it. However, It's like having a hairstyles that you can never change. I don't know. I know I'll get more, because I can't imagine going my whole life without coming up with something else that I want, who gives a shit anyway.
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