Amanda (dementedscreams) wrote,


So I have to do an internship all throughout next year. I applied at two different ones. The first one was the Children's Home *(which was the one I really wanted)*. The second one that I applied at was Methodist 6w *(which is the replacement unit for Zellers)*. I was okay with either one except for I had done my volunteer work at methodist on a different floor.
I left unsatisfied, but that was mainly with the nursing staff.
Well I didn't get the Children's Home. I've never been in a situation where you are hoping for a certain position in such a way. It's like seeing if you've landed the part in a play that you wanted. It doesn't feel good when you don't get the part that you wanted. Of course there is nothing I can do about it.
Now I'm waiting to see if they are still offering me the internship at Methodist. I will feel really stupid if I don't get that one, because I knew that I had it offered to me but I wanted to see if the Children's Home would take me.

Fingers crossed *(whatever good that does)*
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