Amanda (dementedscreams) wrote,


I have less than two weeks until I graduate. I have a final and a paper due withing that time. I am not doing any of it. I'm such a procrastinator. I guess I work well under pressure.
I know I'll get it done. I'll stress myself doing it but that's how it works best.
Scott and I have been doing very well lately. A few bickerments here and there but nothing major. I feel that we are understanding each other and the whole idea of relationships better.
My parents have got me thinking about marriage.
I know I have thought it to be an unnecessary event in the past. During my anti-everything that everyone else does phase or whatever.
However, I think it is something I would like in some shape or form. It would be fun to plan a party and gathering in honor of our commitment to each other.
However, I've seen so many people breaking up around me. People that I thought would last forever.
I used to say that people change and that's all there is to it. I still believe that.
However, I hate spending a big chunk of my life with someone only to throw those memories away.
I think that Scott may not be EVERYTHING that I want, but how the fuck do I know what I want?
I think we always want more.
He's kind, he's sweet, he loves me, he's motivated, hes talented, he loves nature, he dreams of simpler times.
I don't know.
I'll write more later.
I just wanted to write something and that's what's on my mind.
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