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I'm going to have to let you go.

Another one of those sugar coated term. Euphemism, that's the word right? He's not firing me. No no no, he's "letting me go". Like I had requested to be set free or some shit. I didn't think that I would get so upset over this, but it definitely made me cry immediately. I strive to do so well, and I feel like I always fall short. Of course, this was just a summer job but what if I suck at the actual "important" jobs?!
It's frustrating to me because although I could think 'oh i get some time off'. I don't do that. I think Scott is already paying for everything and now he is going to have to pay for even more.
He's such a sweetheart though. He sent me a text *he had to leave for work right in the middle of my meltdown* . . .the text said. . ."I'm still proud of you for following your heart. Fuck them if they don't see it. Just enjoy your time off".
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